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  • Guinea Bissau to export 250,000 tons of cashew nuts in 2015

    Apr 28th, 2015

    Guinea Bissau government expects to export a total of 250,000 tons of cashew nuts this year, an official source in Bissau said on Monday. To achieve this target, the government has fixed the purchase price from farmers at 300 CFA Francs (0.5 U.S. dollar), against 250 CFA Francs previously.The measure, which was hailed by the farmers, will help to reduce smuggling of the cashew produce to neighboring Senegal where the buying price is high.Elsewhere, the government has warned all traders against buying cashew nuts from farmers at a price lower than the recommended one.Farmers who spoke to Xinhua said this year’s price was good and affirmed their willingness tosell their produce during this year’s commercialization period that began on April 18 and is expected to last for threemonths.However, despite the increased buying price, smuggling of cashew nuts to Senegal has not ceased. Guinea Bissau authorities said over 2,000 tons of cashew nuts heading to Senegal were recently seized. Enditem