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  • Gradually improving productivity conditions: Binh Phuoc

    Jul 4th, 2016

    In Binh Phuoc, 3 years before the rubber is considered the "white gold", constantly rising prices of pepper, cashew low yield so people cut down massively. Cashew acreage plummeted from 2011 to 2015 about 20,000 hectares. Facing this situation, requires functional departments at all levels should take measures to stabilize the area, and take measures to improve crop yields kite.

    According to agricultural experts, immediate urgent tasks set for this sector of Binh Phuoc is to promote the improvement orchard. The best measure is to promote graft sewn to renovate orchard. As if the new plant will affect the lives of farmers, from 5 to 6 years will have no income.

    Based on the idea of renovating the orchard grafting of some farmers in Ha Long Commune, Bu Gia Map District (now the communes of Phu Rieng district) in the form of grafting was effective, high productivity. Thereby, the Coordinating Article Binh Phuoc Vietnam Cashew Association, Provincial Farmers Association, Horticulture Station - Plant Protection implementing districts build 41 models with an area of 41ha orchard productivity improvement, quality the orchard low productivity, high quality in Bu Gia Map district, Bu Dang, Dong Phu and Dong Xoai town, accompanied by the 11 training and technology transfer for transplantation renovated 1,100 cashew farmers cashew.

    Mr. Hoang Van Tan, 8 Long Ha Hamlet, Phu Rieng district, Binh Phuoc, said: "I'm from the past until now mainly cashew, over many years with cashews. Previously due to uneven seed should have started from 2001 renovated transplant, remove old branches, breeding achieve high yields, good for transplant models. Up to now, I succeeded several models ".

    Through this reality show that transplanted trees, new branches grafted healthy and viable than several times with old cashew trees. Scion resistance very good, a lot of flowers, many times and the rate is very high fruit flowers. Along with that, the grafted branches to nuts, are, firm and not black beads, an average of 120 seeds / kg to traders buy it at high prices make farmers very excited, learn and apply follow.

    Grafting methods that renovating old orchard can help farmers increase productivity, improve quality cashew nuts than 4-5 times higher than before. From increasing productivity, quality and price at a high level will help people get rich cashew cashew thereby creating conditions for the plants of sustainable development, get rid of the chorus "grown-cut, tight-grown" due to low productivity and inefficiency in recent years. This is the motivation for people to learn to graft, graft replication renovated old cashew. Since the effectiveness of rehabilitation methods in the form of grafted cashew breathe 1,000ha of farmers that apply.

    Nguyen Van Hung, Chairman of the Peasants Long Ha Phu Rieng district, Binh Phuoc, said: "Before the actual cashew productivity is low, productivity is unstable causing many households are not in a long time with cashews, switch to other crops. Through transplantation model to be replicated, achieve higher efficiency compared to previous form looks, some farmers in many localities in Binh Phuoc follow. Since then the province has grown that you visit this learning model. "

    In 3 years, cashew prices are high, coupled with the efforts of the provincial-level branches in the orchard productivity should increase. This is a good sign for cashew growers Binh Phuoc. Currently, Binh Phuoc's cashew nuts account for about 50% of cashew nut exports of the country. Machinery manufacturing, processing cashew nuts are the experts rated very modern in its efforts to advance the goals of sustainable development of the cashew sector. Season 2016, prices ranged from fresh cashew nuts VND 32,000 VND 35,000 made ??many people very excited.

    Besides, the productivity of the orchard in the province there are significant steps forwards. In 2009 the average yield of cashew nuts in Binh Phuoc reach 940kg / ha, then in 2016 was raised to 1.4 tonnes / ha. Along with that, it's the export market of Binh Phuoc has constantly expanded, not only exports to China and the US, the last time the Binh Phuoc cashews also be exported to new markets such as European countries Ha Lan Anh...

    Binh Phuoc Toan has over 177,000 hectares of area under cultivation, yield of 1.4 t / ha for cashew exports 337.7 million reaching USD.

    Source: VNA