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  • Gia Lai revive cashew

    Mar 28th, 2016

    Dragging cashew Gia Lai

    Along with rubber, coffee and pepper, it is also a strategic crops Highlands in general and Gia Lai in particular during the last years of the last century and continued into the first decade of the twenty-first century. According to statistics, in 2013 the total area of ​​the country has reached more than 310,000 hectares, mainly in the Central Highlands and Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province. But so far, this area has decreased significantly, especially the Central Highlands province just over 70,000 hectares, down on 30,500 ha, including 45,000 ha Dak Lak reduced from 22,900 ha to Gia Lai province is still more 20,000 ha. Even the "kingdom" which is Krong Pa district in 2001 was invested 29 billion to build key areas of the province that the total area of ​​over 10,000 hectares is expected to supply enough material for grain processing plant it now exports only reached 4597 hectares, ie 45% more than new project objectives set.

    According to the fact-finding, besides cause unstable price unattractive assured people expand area under cultivation is also a few cases due to lack of productive land being separated so many households who have voluntarily cleared orchard to switch to other crops planted some (immediate as cash crops). And one reason is that so much of the orchard in the district are planted in the early 90s last century actually born from the same thing (nursery county), now old, poor productivity, economic efficiency low, productivity is not high, only around 5 kg / ha ...

    Wheat prices in recent years from 500 to 600 VND / kg increased to VND1,000 / kg, many farmers rushed to grow wheat, by the same area, the growing of wheat for higher income than what actually planted born. Attraction profit from cassava bring has made many farmers in the eastern districts of the province and especially in Krong Pa-place Agricultural Processing Factory Phu Tuc-almost turn away cashews! To address the above, initially the local government has taken measures to handle violations, but a decisive problem arises must actively encourage farmers to renovate orchard area is to provide high income for producers. In recent years the funds from central and local projects through, especially the national target programs, Gia Lai province has made the switch and thousands of hectares of new planting grafted cashew in districts : Kong Chro, Chu Prong, Ia Grai, Chu Se, Duc Co ... Cashew graft was quickly made clear his superior strength by just easy to grow, harvest fast for high productivity, stable prices, cyclical term business. This is an incentive to people to invest intensive grafted plants, the formation and development of the regulatory regions of intensive, create jobs and stabilize life for employees, such as the coffee-growing region, high su province. Besides, agriculture organizations reviewing student area is the real thing; the orchard planted on a high hill land, planted on barren, remote areas difficult to manage, guide people converted to plantation economy to increase the efficiency of land use.

    Currently the price of cashew nuts reached 39,000 VND / kg (dated 1-3-2016), while at the same time a few years ago was only 18-20 thousand VND / kg. Known in the May 11, 2015, our country has exported over 300,000 tons of people, exports reached US $ 2.18 billion, up 7.3% in volume and 19.2% in value over the same period in 2014. according to the Vietnam cashew Association Vinacas, 2015 is the 10th consecutive year Vietnam holds leading positions on individual exporters with exports of items that (cashew nut shell oil and products products) was approximately $ 2.5 billion. Vietnam Cashew currently account for over 50% of the share transaction that global trade.

    In recent years, prices of staple crops of Gia Lai has had ups and downs. Drastic drops rubber, coffee and recently fell pepper, this situation significantly affected the lives of the people and the local economy. Besides water for gardens and drought difficulty was quite severe across the board, many coffee plantations, pepper, water shortage, especially in the area west of the province Truong Son ... With advantages drought tolerant enough system by roots and horizontal roots, especially roots went deeper underground water in the dry season lasts 5-6 months, good growth and development on high ground pins, less fertile and the characterization other advantages Vietnamese, cashew has long asserted its advantage on basalt Highlands in general and Gia Lai in particular. From the late 50s of last century, Ngo Dinh Diem's ​​government gave in to plant trees in areas that immigrants (estates) of the province in the district of Ia Grai, Duc Co now and most of the garden which were developed for high yield (currently some communes of the two districts mentioned above are still the old cashew 50-60 years, the tree still bears fruit).

    To revive this sector, investment in renovating orchard, capacity building processing plants, with investment policies for farmers and reasonable purchasing organizations, together with the export prices of cashew nuts has increased stability will not only directly save the orchard of Gia Lai, but also put something back where industry is a key sector in the economy of the local agriculture.

    Source: Gia Lai OL