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  • Ghana cashew producers urged capitalize on cashew fruit uses

    Jun 26th, 2017

    A research on economic potentials of cashew fruits has revealed that the fruit could be processed into various fruit juices such as cashew apple and cereal juices.The research conducted by the Food Research Institute, one of the 13 research institutes of the Council for Scientific and Research Institute (CSRI), also indicated that most of cashew tress in Ghana were cut down to grow mango trees as a result of less patronage of the fruits.

    Mrs Nina B Ackah, Project Co-ordinator, Economic Potential of cashew fruit Project, said there were a number of economic uses of cashew, which still lacked exposure and patronage in the country.“Observation shows that in many of the cashew farms in the country, a lot of the fleshy apple and some nuts are left to go waste. In addition, the fruit has a very delicate skin which makes it highly perishable and unstable for transportation,” she added.

    She said with economic empowerment of farmers in mind, the study aimed at transforming Ghana’s cashew sector from a low-priced commodity to an exporter of high cashew products in the near future.