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  • Favorable export forecast in the third quarter and IV / 2016 - enterprises regardless of quality, food safety and hygiene products for export

    Jun 13th, 2016

    Export forecasts and favorable in the third quarter IV / 2016 - enterprises regardless of quality, food safety and hygiene products for export

    In the past week, trading in the international market place it's more exciting when there is more positive news affecting demand for global cashew in the third quarter and fourth quarter / 2016 VD: Championship EURO 2016 European football took place in France (from 12 / 6-11 / 7/2016). in India, the market continues to increase in both sales volume and selling prices in the month of Ramadan, Muslims (06 / 6-05 / 7/2016). customers buying US focus to preparations for the US National day holiday (04/7/2016) and in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil (from March 05- 08.21.2016), ...

    Since the visit of the US PNCP VINACAS tháng 5 - 6/2016, US customers have asked for more, better and far asked for the fourth quarter / 2016. This year though we are many good guest reviews American (through AFI) as strictly perform the contract, delivery is good, better quality than the same period last year, ... but towards you keep warning about food safety quality problems when US market has always been considered a very difficult market in terms of quality and food safety. Especially under the Law amending the US food safety (FSMA), public enterprises have problems in exporting to the US market may be the FDA refused when the next shipment. Therefore exporters to the US market it should be noted strictly controlled quality standards in accordance with AFI and FDA regulations, especially the micro indicators.

    As recommended by the Science & Technology Committee VINACAS, rainy stage taking place in the southern provinces (Vietnam), cashew processing enterprises should pay more attention to quality control personnel to keep the reputation that exports brand for not only themselves but the branch of Vietnam.

    Source: VINACAS