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  • Experiment with cashew plantations a success, says Agricultural Ministry

    Aug 2nd, 2018

    The Agricultural Research Center in Jazan has announced the success of its experiment in growing cashew trees in the region, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported. The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture provided the seedlings and necessary technical support for planting cashew in suitable areas of the Kingdom.

    The ministry said it was ready to distribute the cashew seedlings at low prices to anyone interested in growing them. It added that investment in cashew farming would have high returns.

    Director of the Agricultural Research Center in Jazan Ahmed Al-Sulami said the seedlings were brought from the Philippines and introduced to the center’s farms for the first time in 1986.

    The center’s researchers have proved that cashew trees can be successfully grown in several regions of the Kingdom, Al-Sulami said. Yield from cashew trees could be high in acidic soil in a warm and humid climate, he added.

    The cashew grows as an evergreen medium size tropical tree.

    As part of its efforts to provide Saudis with viable agricultural solutions, the Jazan research center has expressed its readiness to supply 2,500 cashew seedlings to interested farmers and train them in the first stage. The center is preparing to begin work in three experimental plantations soon.

    The Jazan Agricultural Research Center was established in 1967. The spread in mango plantations in the Kingdom is attributed to successful experiments conducted by the center in growing mangoes initially in some parts of the Kingdom.