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  • Entrepreneurs from Benin seek knowledge in agribusiness

    Sep 6th, 2017

    Benin Entrepreneurs' Association held a technical visit today, on the 6th, to the Embrapa Agroindústria Tropical headquarters in Fortaleza, and to the Experimental Field of Pacajus with the purpose of knowing the technologies developed by the Unit in the area of ​​agroindustrial processing. The group is part of the Benin Caju project, linked to the nonprofit organization Technoserve ( The entity, which operates in 29 countries, supports entrepreneurs in the generation of competitive businesses in the agricultural, services and industrial sectors.

    Altair Maia, an economist and consultant at Technoserve, emphasizes the fact that Embrapa is an international reference in cashew, and that, therefore, there was a lot of interest for entrepreneurs to get to know the company. The technician reveals that this is the second entourage that Maia brings to the Unit.Entrepreneurs work in the African country with cashew use, but they say they feel they need to have more knowledge about the use of the fruit. "I am sure we will take a lot of knowledge and who knows, in the future, to establish partnerships," says Altair Maia.