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  • Embark trade branch of Vietnam - Ivory Coast

    Feb 24th, 2016

    On 24/2, HCMC, Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) Cotton Council and the Ivory Coast (CCA) held a trade conference to discuss how to cooperate develop.

    View Conference Vietnam cashew trade - Ivory Coast, morning 24/2

    In particular, the Ivory Coast forward to help improve productivity orchard and processing learning experience that leading people of Vietnam ...

    DN that Vietnam welcomed

    Opening the conference, he Malamine Sanogo, CEO CCA claim: "VN continually leads the world in exports of cashew nuts, the annual processing capacity of up to 1.4 million tons (50% of 2 , 9 million tons of crude processed globally).

    VN orchard yield of 1.4 tons / ha, while the Ivory Coast only 0.4 tons / ha. Therefore, we are here looking forward to cooperate closely with you to learn renovated orchard and called DN VN investment processing plant in Ivory Coast ".

    Similarly, Mr. Karim Berthe, said CCA Office, Ivory Coast is the largest producer of crude worldwide (about 725,000 tons in 2016), but the ability to process 45,000 tons only (6%), if the case good cooperation with VN surely will bring major benefits for businesses of the two sides.

    He asserted himself Ivory Coast president to direct policy priorities to enhance the production capacity, processing what their country in the next 10 years. "And where we want to cooperate, learn from Vietnam's, which has branches that grow with miraculous speed, the world's most powerful."

    Specifically, Ivory Coast has set up a representative office of the CCA is located in Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University. CCA also partners with universities of both countries to transfer two technological advancements in technology and cashew processing machinery, advanced training of qualified technical staff, processing workers.

    At the same time, the Ivorian government also accelerated the construction projects of cashew processing in the north of the country. "We dedicate a special priority is welcome thing VN enterprises to invest in building the processing plant here. Ivory Coast Government has a policy of supporting investment in processing conditions, especially tax incentives, which lasted from 7-15 years for you, "Berthe said Karim.

    Towards VN, Nguyen Duc Thanh, chairman of Vinacas confirmed, VN ready to help Ivory Coast on techniques to increase productivity from 0.4 tons to about 1 t / ha. In addition, the processing enterprises which have investment initiatives VN construction of mower shelling in Ivory Coast which then carry on deep processing VN. Initially, the two countries should cooperate in this direction, ensuring mutually beneficial.

    Improving the supply of crude Ivory Coast

    Concerning raw cashew trade between the two countries, said Dang Hoang Giang, Vice Chairman of Vinacas information: Of the 867,000 tons of crude VN entered from 25 countries, Ivory Coast alone accounted for 302,000 tons (36%) . However, there are many uncertainties deals from Ivory Coast.

    Specifically, each signed in 2015 although it was not until early April - the new 5/2015 on Vietnam, a month later than the signing, in which a lot of missing shipment. Some sellers also have made unreasonable demands, suggest buyers to support prices, causing major damage to DN VN.

    This results in recent times resulting DN VN tend not to want to import directly from the Ivory Coast DN, which enter through the broker to ensure safety, which pushed up the price of crude higher (enter directly continued to fall around $ 50 / ton).

    On the issue of quality, according to Bach Nhut Khanh, Deputy CEO of Superintendence, in 2015 there are a number of shipments imported from Ivory Coast moldy, germination result in volumes large unusable , may have to spend the whole shipment, the proportion of gold's much pigmentation, causing acidity, lack of natural odor. So, the next will open offices Vinacontrol quality control of crude at the Ivory Coast to support the final resolution of the situation.

    Vinacas also representing information, output of VN recent policy is increasing due to improvement of orchard Vinacas MARD and implemented, so that future imports will decrease. In addition, Circular 12 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development requires all shipments of vegetable origin imported into VN must have certificates of food hygiene and safety inspection. At the same time, Ivory Coast is not on the "list of countries applying export food of plant origin in Vietnam", so to quickly handle this problem.

    Answering these questions, he Malamine Sanogo, CEO CCA claim: "Any public enterprises Ivorian serious breach of contract, we would suggest a permanent license revocation."

    He also information, their water is only permitted to export things DN 105, DN VN does not recommend the transaction beyond this list.

    "We are committed to continue to improve the quality of raw cashew exports to VN. We should have the confidence to cooperate with each other, gradually resolve the problems related to quality, commercial transactions, ensuring two sides win. "

    Ivory Coast side will also directly inform the President of their right to direct registration of the name in the "List of countries applying export food of plant origin in Vietnam".

    Nguyen Minh

    Source: Agriculture Vietnam