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  • Efficient drip irrigation model cashew?

    Jun 14th, 2016

    Many years ago, prolonged drought conditions in many areas has a significant impact on agricultural production. Together with the Government restricted this condition, the researchers at the University of Water Resources (base 2 in Ho Chi Minh City) has just completed a very positive first step "model high-tech irrigation cashew". The work opens up new hope for the cashew farmers are faced with prolonged drought conditions recently.

    While many farmers to plant other things fall into drought, the crop failure of his family orchard Ha Thanh Thuan, Long live Binh, Phu Rieng district, Binh Phuoc province retains productivity every year. Mr. Thuan said: more than a year ago, a research team from Ho Chi Minh City offered him their cooperation to a model experiment that high-tech irrigation. Are suffering a prolonged drought, about irrigation methods that save that effectively, see "dirt", he agrees to 2 hectares for the team to experiment with garden things.

    Shortly after the work place practice, Dr. Trieu Anh Ngoc, Head of Science, Technology and International Cooperation, University of Irrigation and his colleagues have set up irrigation systems, which, in 1 ha irrigation 1 ha drip irrigation and rain. Next, there are a growing area that does not apply the new model to control irrigation irrigated not. Particularly ditch system was dug under the flank of the hill, rain water is collected and focused on water storage ponds during the rainy season, the volume of water to irrigate crops in the dry season conditions. For 1 ha of drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting water from the pond is pumped to the water tank (5 m 3) then water is discharged down via tubing, to the valve and then through the water purification system of drip irrigation pipe at the root of things. And with rain sprinkler system, water is pumped directly from the pond to store water through pipe systems to the rain in the original Penguin things. All zones are controlled irrigation flow through the water meter for each district to assess the precise results for each level of irrigation.

    After more than a year of the pilot, according to the statistics are, Dr. Trieu Anh Ngoc said: On the same growing area, the area does not apply to water-saving model of high technology, the 1 kg of nuts (about 150 seeds) it's only 32%, while the area of application irrigation tech model, only 130 particles reached 1 kg of weight, recovery rate reaching 34% of cashew. According to Dr. Le Trung Thanh, Head of the training and work of students, the University of Water Resources (base 2 in Ho Chi Minh), before the state's complicated climate, saving irrigation model technology to develop sustainable high cashew Irrigation General Department, Ministry of Agriculture and rural development order and the team was deployed from September 1-2015.

    Currently, water scarcity is becoming a leading concern in our country in particular and the world in general, while the amount of water for crops accounted for 70% of all water in the world, therefore the signal this model results which are directed to the testing process, obviously a good sign for farmers by the advantages: Helps increase the productivity and quality of cashew nuts and water saving. Dr. Trieu Anh Ngoc said, according to conventional calculations, a month, a radical thing to irrigate 3-4 times, each time losing 400-500 liters of water for irrigation, and new irrigation method, 1 ha takes about 5m 3 / day and watered twice a week during the dry season.

    According to Mr. Thuan, after more than a year to apply this model in the area of experimental conditions early flowering, and are more than other areas. Grain yield also increased from 500-600 kg / ha, equivalent to over 36%. Reportedly, the investment cost of 1 ha of irrigation under the new model does not exceed 25 million, up only after 12-18 months cashew growers have paid for itself.

    Recently, the delegation of the Government as to the test here, has offered to coordinate local groups widely deployed early for people to apply. Realizing the effectiveness of this model, the neighboring localities, which growers have to learn to apply the model for the dry season next year.

    However, under Master Tran Dang An, Deputy Department of Fine Arts and Water Resources, Water Resources University said, besides the advantages of the model are at a disadvantage in the operation because not be powered by electricity tongue. The run by generators can lead to unexpected errors between the actual and experimental requirements. This is also the model pilot study should add moisture observations for a more comprehensive evaluation of factors affecting productivity efficiency thing.

    Next time, through the extension center, rooms at the local farm to collect water model proposed Southeast region and building design manual processes high-tech irrigation systems. Also, manual editing process is suitable for cashew irrigation to achieve the highest yield to the popular authorities, widely applicable to people in the area under cultivation, Master Tran Dang An division will.

    Quang Quy