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  • Dry spell may push up pistachio, almond prices during festivity

    Jul 20th, 2015

    NEW DELHI: Be prepared to pay more for almonds and pistachios this festive season. A spell of dry weather due to the El Nino and the weak monsoon in the coming months in areas where almonds and pistachios and pulses and oilseeds are grown could hurt yields and boost prices.

    Traders preparing contracts for shipments in September said dry weather in Australia and parts of Canada and Africa is expected to increase the prices of chana (chickpea) and lentils. Similarly, edible oil supplies especially palm oil, could be affected as rains were weak in Indonesia and Malaysia. Drought in California, from where India sources 90% of its almonds, 50% of pistachios and 20% of its walnuts, is leading to an increase in prices in the domestic market.

    "This Diwali, consumers will have to pay more for their almonds. Wholesale prices will touch ` 875-900 per kg compared with ` 750 a kg last year. Salted, roasted pistachio prices are also firming up and being traded at ` 850 per kg ..