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  • Dong Nai: breeding specialist high performance

    May 7th, 2016

    Mr. Hoang Van Minh is the production facility - trading high-yield varieties that Hoang Van Minh in An Vien Commune (Trang Bom district). But the profession horizontal arms, but he has always been local farmers in trust by technical advice on plant care articles from fertilizer, spray ...

    When agricultural cooperative formed with An Vien what the goal of building a large project for cashew fields, Hoang Van Minh is one of the first members participated in technical guidance to farmers, especially in rehabilitation activities orchard grafting to improve productivity.

    * Engineer farmers

    But is the nursery but his regular job to Hoang Van Minh is observing the orchard of local farmers. At times like this, a magnifying glass barely left hand because it helped him shed find worms, disease, the leaves change color, the situation of cotton fruiting things ... Based on detailed observations this, he advises farmers to spray anything, what additional fertilizer, the ratio is. Farmers believe he is as a technical expert on cashew though not in the field of training as an agricultural engineer another true.

    Youth, he worked at a research organization specializing in varieties of coffee in Dak Lak. Thus, he spoke more is not inexperienced in breeding stages. He has said: "I am about to buy land investment Dong Nai cashew seed because this passion. I participated in class high performance coupling technology by the Institute - Southern agricultural engineering organization and the good teacher is the expert of the institute for further instructions. I also follow the extension program of technical training and practice of graft migration to high yielding varieties in the garden soil. " Thus from 1997, he has formed a high-yield seed orchard of about 3 acres, high-yield seed orchard has a large area of ​​Dong Nai province at that time.

    * Scaling high yielding varieties

    According to Mr. Minh, good varieties meaningful decisions on productivity, quality garden. High-yield varieties have more dominance than older varieties of yield, grain quality and resistance to pests. From the practical effect of the garden when switching to new varieties, he decided to establish specialized breeding facility provided to farmers. His buyers are initially local farmers and then gradually spread out everywhere, to Binh Duong, Ba Ria - Vung Tau ...

    Each high-yielding orchard was formed as an address to his track, selectively adding the first seedling quality line. Because although the same, but when planted with trees yield, pest resistance superior to the average. According to Mr. Minh, it took 10 years to track the growth capacity, the first mother plant productivity through crop flow ... Accordingly, each high-yielding orchard was replicated as a good source of collectibles same boss this basis. Therefore, he has enough bullets mother plant to produce the same, though in 2013 the first seed orchard broad lines of his 3 hectares were cut down almost as falling into project planning. And his "barefoot engineers" of farmers began investing journey back garden seedlings started a new line for the passion to create high-yielding varieties of fresh good quality for farmers.

    Binh Nguyen

    Source: Dong Nai Newspaper