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  • Dong Nai: Strengthening links enhance the value of cashew

    Dec 15th, 2015

    According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Dong Nai, Dong Nai currently still determine what is the main crop. However, the provinces, the cashew for the economic value of 20 million / ha / year, much lower than in perennial crops such as pepper (about 1 billion / ha / year), rambutan (about 200 million / ha / year), durian (over 500 million / ha / year).

    Statistics from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Dong Nai shows that Dong Nai province on 44 770 ha existing conditions (concentrated in Dinh Quan, Xuan Loc, Tan Phu and Bom), down nearly 6,000 hectares over 2005.

    Cashew is industrial plants sticking with Dong Nai People from the past decades, but in recent years due to low economic value, farmers in the province were cutting down trees to plant other things. Economic efficiency is not high of trees in the province due to mainly use local varieties, many area are old, the average yield from 1-1, 2 tons / ha (lower than average of the country). In particular, the cashew processing industry in Dong Nai with limited technology, many years now only exports of crude.

    In order to enhance the economic value of trees, Dong Nai continues to develop the model as clubs, cooperatives produce it. From these models, people to grow things in Dong Nai will form organizations of higher production as enterprises, cooperatives have legal status, facilitating alignment, economic transactions and beneficiaries of support policies of the State; gradually improve the quality, yield tied to economic cooperation, production and marketing of products.

    According to Dong Nai Department of Statistics, over 11 months of 2015, Dong Nai province exported 37,000 tonnes of cashew nuts, with a turnover of 264 million USD, an increase of nearly 19% in volume and 28% in value compared with the same period last year 2014.

    Source: Vietnam + ​​/ ​​VNA