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  • Dong Nai: Nearly 83 billion VND to support cashew, mango trees damaged by the weather

    Nov 21st, 2017

    Mr. Vu Quoc Viet.Chairman of Dong Nai People's Committee has just decided to approve the funds to support cashew and mango trees damaged by the unproductive rain in 2016-2017 in the province.Reporters from Dong Nai Newspaper interviewed Vu Quoc Viet, Head of Irrigation Department, Head of the Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue Bureau of Dong Nai Province on the implementation of the above support package. farmer.

    Sir, the total area of ​​cashew, mango is supported and the level of support is calculated like?

    The province has a total area of ​​cashew, mango suffered damage due to weather conditions supported nearly 41.4 thousand hectares, of which cashew area is supported over 31 thousand hectares, mango trees on 10,217 hectares. All mango areas in the province damaged by unlucky season rain received the general support of 2 million VND per hectare. As such, Dong Nai province provided nearly VND 83 billion for mango and cashew nut crops damaged by off-season rain.

    Could you tell us about the conditions for farmers to receive support?

    The beneficiaries are farmers directly producing cashew and mango in the province which suffer from loss of productivity due to the influence of off-season rainy weather. Firstly, the farmer applied to the local area for cashew and mango trees damaged. After that, the local authorities have verified each household and made a list of households directly producing cashew, mango suffered damage.

    The province also set up inter-branch delegations to evaluate and re-examine. After that, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development prepares a report to the Provincial People's Committee on beneficiaries. The list, area and amount of support for each farmer's household will be posted publicly in the hamlet's office, facilitating the farmers' support.

    How long does this support package work, sir?

    After the written approval of the provincial People's Committee, this program will be deployed immediately to the local. The support program does not specify a specific time because depending on the time people contact the commune, the district receives support money. But this program is implemented in the spirit of urgency so people soon receive support money.

    What documents do farmers need to provide when they receive support money?

    In order to ensure the right object, farmers need to bring relevant documents, including: people's identity card or household registration book; land use right certificate (red book) or land lease contract. In case the land has not been issued with the Red Book, it must be certified by the Commune People's Committee, clearly stating the number of land use plots and numbers.

    What is the funding from?

    Funds supported by districts and towns are actively balanced from local budget reserves. Local areas have much damage not enough funding, the province will support and immediately arrange the source of money to help people receive timely support.

    The localities shall take initiative in organizing the granting of money to households in order to ensure the proper order and procedures according to regulations. The Agriculture and Rural Development Department and the provincial / municipal Finance Services shall have to monitor and urge localities in the implementation thereof; Catch difficulties, problems and results report to the provincial People's Committee timely guidance.