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  • Dong Nai: Cashew soaring

    Nov 23rd, 2016

    Currently dry nuts in Xuan Loc traders are buying ranged from about 55000-60000 / kg, up from 20000-25000 VND / kg over the same period last year and is the highest price in 5 years come here. Cause that higher prices are due to cashew export demand increased while the amount of crude in many people no longer by several months until 2017. The plan for farmers with grain storage conditions are now pushing to sell and huge profits. According to statistics, currently there are over 9,000 hectares in Xuan Loc thing, concentrated in Xuan Truong, Xuan Tam, Xuan Hiep, Xuan Thanh and Suoi Cao Suoi Cat ...

    According to the Ministry of Agriculture - Rural Development, cashew export volume May 10, 2016 reached 291 000 tonnes and USD 2.33 billion, up 5.8% in volume and 16.6% in value compared to the same period in 2015. as expected, in 2016, the country exported $ 3 billion and maintains individual exporter is a world leader.

    Source: Dong Nai Newspaper