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  • Discounts up to import raw cashew group

    May 26th, 2016

    The import of raw materials are having plenty of knots, so enterprises (companies) should form groups and to 1-2 represent negotiation general import raw materials for the group (about 100,000 tonnes). It was recommended by Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh - Chairman of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas).

    Many problems need to be solved

    At the seminar "transferred his industry welcomed the new Olympics" held in HCM City yesterday 23.5, Vinacas leaders said last time that many importers of Vietnam are partners "ruffled" difficult contract for the production of. However, because the companies are not strict about the terms of the contract, along with the contracts signed before the season less than without binding with partner ... has led to lawsuits and lost only that blow.

    "In fact, the drafting of the contract of the company is now also very weak, so, Vinacas has drafted model contracts to companies to refer to" - Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh said. Sharing the same view, Nguyen Thi Hong Ngan - representing the International Arbitration Centre of Vietnam (VIAC) said that from 2008 to 2014, 539 VIAC have resolved the lawsuit, in which case the contract of purchase accounting more than 60%. In particular, during the legal consultation for import and export enterprises that, VIAC faced many cases ... "can not sue" because the parties have signed a contract with unfavorable terms.

    In perspective is the world's No. 2 businesses in exporting cashews, Vu Thai Son - Long Son Company representatives stated that we have three branches which is the most on most exports, imports and manufactures the most most stood. However, owing to lack of solidarity, every man for himself strong among enterprises that are making the whole industry before international disadvantage.

    According to Mr. Son, many policies in the current management also makes it difficult to produce and export it. He cited: The import of the production is for export, and is listed as exporting goods produced debit customs duty was 275 days. Then have proven to be exported to the new tax be removed. This is not only costly, cumbersome procedures that are being missed erroneous customs officers "work hard".

    In addition, issues such as imported goods bear the demurrage saved, they must pay for every new ship for pickup, transfer money over 20 million, the bank must ... make businesses lose each year from several hundreds of millions to billions of dong.

    Recommendations managed to get things clean

    At the conference, many opinions have also revolved around the issue closely managed to produce a clean thing. Nguyen Duc Thanh said, currently imports 70% of crude decision goods. But the last time the company also is entered on a lot of shipment milestone, causing damage to the quality of cashew export restrictions, even more demanding customers returned. Moreover, the traders in the irrigation water, mix residue ... on what quality raw materials led to reduced exports. So next time Vinacas will provide reference price, also set out measures to impose, sanctions for businesses "black" has to do business with Vietnam enterprises fraud.

    Vu Thai Son also said that: "Recently the US has discovered in Vietnam cashew nut residues of pesticides, drugs kill ants, cockroaches and many shipments have been recalled from supermarket shelves. Therefore, we must closely hygiene problem foods ".