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  • Customs also pressing quarantine procedures imported goods

    Sep 23rd, 2015

    At technical seminars simplified quarantine procedures every imported goods (Imex) managed by the Institute of Economic Research Central (TW) project in collaboration with the State Administration for inclusive growth of the International Development Agency (USAID GIG) held 23.9 days in HCMC, many delegates were pressing for specialized testing procedures, technical licenses, permits phytosanitary and animal.

    Dang Hoang Giang - Vice President of the Association said that VN, DN want export or import a consignment of cashew nuts it takes time to go back 3-4 times to apply for and get a competent authority certificate Phytosanitary have.

    According to Ms. Mai Thi Huyen - Representatives Dakman VN Co. Ltd (which specializes in export of coffee in Dak Lak) - why Customs to force companies to submit new test plant for the clearance of goods, while the house coffee importers who do not ask.

    Representative Wood Association, said that the majority of products from raw planks were imported from the US, EU for processing were of unknown origin, origin, quarantine certificate. But when exporting wood products made from this material still has to have the quarantine. While importing countries they do not require these papers, we re-made it difficult to do.

    HCM City Customs Department representative said that, according to regulations, many commodities have phytosanitary certificate, a new animal for clearance. Check out the prescribed procedure to take weeks. Goods lot, full of stagnant water has no place to harbor. But for companies receiving goods brought forward, additional quarantine certificates after they had made a mistake Customs regulations. Therefore, we hope the relevant authorities how simplified procedures for businesses and Customs takes no time.

    According to Pham Thanh Binh - Experts USAID GIG - quarantine fee of VN goods is high, with the shipment of up to several tens of million. The request must have specific regulations about quarantine fee of export and import goods. Furthermore, charges should contain provisions for the floor and ceiling obviously can not collect as much as you want today.

    Nguyen Dinh Cung - Director, Institute of Economic Management Research TW - for that, it should give even the type certificate, or in other words the type of license you do not need to further simplify procedures import-export procedures.


    Source: Labour OL