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  • Cote d’ivoire anticipates record cashew output in 2017

    Feb 6th, 2017

    According to executive director of the National Council for the marketing of Cotton and Cashew Council (CCA), the output of the Ivory Coast in 2016 dropped to about 650,000 tons, from a record high of 702,000 tonnes in 2015. However, , good weather is forecast to boost production in the exporting country the world's largest crude to record highs in 2017.Production of crude in 2016 decreased due to adverse weather and cashew entered the recovery phase after the high yield in 2015. Good weather at the end of 2016 will be the conditions for cashew production in 2017 reached record high. CCA aims production of crude by 2020, 1 million tons. 1 decade ago, Ivory Coast produced only 80,000 tons of crude annually.

    Strong demand from Asia boosted production growth of 10% / year when the government continuously supports promoting this sector as part of the economic recovery plan, after the civil war ended in 2011. Only 90,000 tons of crude processed in local representative in 2016 but said CCA will increase 140,000 tons in 2017 when the new plant goes into operation.

    Source: Reuters