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  • Consultation on building a resolution to develop Binh Phuoc cashew industry

    May 29th, 2019

    At the meeting, experts proposed a solution to help Binh Phuoc develop a specialized resolution, such as: Building a cashew area to create organic products for export to difficult markets; develop policies to encourage deep processing and export products, not raw materials as they are today. When developing an unadjusted resolution for a period of 5 years, by 2022, the time is too short to have immediate results for intensive implementation measures to develop the cashew industry. The goal of developing a resolution should clearly state the income from planting raw materials to make it possible for farmers to live. The province should plan the land area for processing to encourage enterprises to process deeply and easily control the environmental impact during the processing process, without affecting the living environment of the current residential area.

    Bringing cashew processing enterprises into industrial zones is the idea agreed by many experts. The Binh Phuoc Cashew Association also proposed the province to announce standard care procedures for cashew trees and timely support farmers in disease prevention in complicated climate change conditions.

    Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Huynh Anh Minh thanked and received suggestions from experts to help the province have a solution to solve difficulties and develop the sector in the future. The Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee also requested departments and agencies to advise the province to establish a cashew processing industry group suitable to development requirements; The branding of products by businesses must go hand in hand with the brand to avoid waste.