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  • Construction of 1 million tons of raw material in Cambodia

    Dec 12th, 2017

    According to Vinacas chairman Nguyen Duc Thanh, the Vietnamese cashew industry is coordinating with the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and businesses to build 1 million tonnes of cashew in Cambodia in time. next.Specifically, the Cambodian side planted 500,000 hectares of cashew; Vinacas and Vietnamese cashew producers are committed to purchasing all of the raw materials that Cambodia produces.

    From 2014 onwards, Cambodia sells only about 30% of cashew nut harvested to Vietnam, but over the past two years it has grown to more than 90% and has become Vietnam's fifth raw cashew nut supplier. Cambodia is one of the few countries producing good quality crude and the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is very interested in planting cashew trees to improve the lives of farmers.

    Hean Vann Horn, Director General of the Government, Director General of the General Administration of Agriculture of Cambodia, said that the area of ​​cashew in the country when the peak of 300,000ha, but due to the unstable price of raw materials, the organization of production The area was reduced to just over 100,000 ha. Cambodia wishes to be supported by Vinacas in the selection of varieties, cultivation techniques, harvesting techniques, etc. to increase productivity and quality of cashews, as well as to ensure profit for farmers. Firstly, Vinacas donates 1.5 billion VND to support the development of 1 million cashew trees in Cambodia in the period 2018-2022. With its potential for climate, soil and seed, if well coordinated and organized, Cambodia could produce 1 million tons of raw cashew nuts, overtaking Ivory Coast, becoming the world's largest producer of raw cashew nuts. .

    In Vietnam, domestic raw cashew production only meets 20% - 35% of processing needs of the business, so imports of raw cashew nuts from Africa. However, due to the difficulty in controlling the inputs, many of the imported goods are not quality assured, plus the risk of payment, so the processing enterprises in Vietnam suffered many losses and influence prestige. .

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    Source: SGGP Newspaper