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  • Concerns the quality of raw cashew imports from Ivory Coast

    Apr 5th, 2016

    According to CTV Vinacas in Ivory Coast, since this week there will be many shipments are transported on scheduled delivery Vietnam has signed, but rainy weather, high humidity, and want to ensure the moisture content of grain under 10% of forced sellers to expose once again sunny sky. A seller with experience doing this cocoa things even more for crude to kilns for drying cocoa to achieve the necessary moisture. According to an official broker / inspection of goods in Africa: "the important moment is the" broker "to remind the" shipper "moisture management thoroughly and do not go by the amount of moisture that carry goods Vietnam, always put the interests of Vietnam now up top ".

    Due to the rain, today, transactions that still take place in Ivory Coast's busiest but the price is not likely to increase as yesterday. Price-quality dry conditions 48 lbs / 195-200 seeds purchased at Abidjan port is only around 645 CFA (~ $ 1.12) / kg depending on the quality and method of payment. USD / CFA continuously for more than 1 month volatility, today 1 USD is 575 CFA. The dong strengthened against the USD CFA also a little difficult for businesses that export of Ivorian rough.

    Regarding it as CTV crop in Ivory Coast VINACAS information in the previous report, has now finished the first case and are preparing for the harvest in full service Monday lasted about 15/04/2016 at Coast Ivory. Forecasts phase 2 will be better because of the weather in the Ivory Coast in recent days of heavy rain, creating favorable conditions for the development and maintenance left it.

    Source: VINACAS