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  • Classified cashews machine has been improved and better finishing

    May 30th, 2016

    In 2007 he Ngo Ngoc Quang, Tan Thanh commune, Bu Dop district (Binh Phuoc) has researched and manufactured a machine nut Classified large capacity, freeing a lot of labor in harvesting it. However at that time, the machine still has many drawbacks not yet been overcome.

    To date, cashew Classified his machine has been improved and perfected the better, towards the prospect of mass manufacturing and commercialization, even exported to several markets, including Cambodia.

    Process research and development

    In 2007, throughout the year uninterrupted investment effort, money and time through many failures, even more people are called "crazy", he finally Ngo Ngoc Quang, Tan Thanh commune, Bu Dop District ( Binh Phuoc) has researched and manufactured a machine nut Classified large capacity, freeing a lot of labor in harvesting it.

    In 2003, after several years of investment in pepper failure, he Quang give the garden, open shop mechanic. In 2004, listening to friends talk "but growers 5 ha forever not find workers for the harvest, the harvest results are not broken it out into the garden. And asked him Quang no way created a machine nut Classified not? ". At this time no similar machine, but he has agreed to do the test.

    Anh Quang said: "When he started to do this machine, I had to study a lot of machines with the same principles as milling, donkeys, peeled pressed ... but no matching principle chore county thing. After a period of study and research I found only sliding Classified principle is most suitable, not crushed cashews. "

    Despite finding operation principles and the implementation process, but it is also very feat. Do all of the stages are made ​​up manually whenever you edit, change takes a lot of effort and time. In addition, a difficulty making lasting manufacturing is by no fruit machines thing to try. "Production of other machines, such as separating corn, pepper, the material easy to machine longer trials Classified this is just to wait to seasons, which are very short (about 1 month after Tet) so much as the machine malfunction, no re done editing to test results, "he explained Optics. Must make to the third machine and took more than 3 years, he accomplished a new View the complete machine and high-precision system with 10 bar Classified sliding shaft has different kinds of grooves. Classified cashews after very clean machine, no longer stalk and not damaged.

    The machine weighs about 100kg, 1.2m tall, with parts such as chassis, trough, screw, system junk and run lots of small diesel engines. Machines have a capacity of 500-600 kg / hour, more than 25-30 times the Classified crafted by hand. Machine operator jobs are simply 1 to 2 people ... Now, although the machine was complete, but he is continuing to research Optics made ​​compact frame, back, convenient for moving, reduce spending production expenses.

    "Most of the income from this mechanical workshop I will pour out on the investment made ​​cashews Classified machine. Many times there is no money in the house to borrow a friend, brother and go buy the store material debt to try to make up the machine. Then painstakingly every day revolves around a machine, all paints, solder mound, even watched and study how chewing cow that eating fruits, nuts fool out that it is not crushed nuts "he Quang explain why Quang nicknamed" crazy ". Many people find themselves studying him forever without any results, wasting money should have told him to give up. But with determination and the desire and the research, creation, and early 2007, it completed Classified machine was born. According to Quang, if put into mass production, the cost of a machine about 5 million. Starting next season, that he may give it growing families in need. There has been a number of orchard owners to visit and purchase the machine.

    Have to say, the Ngo Ngoc Quang successful fabrication machine cashews contributed Classified lessen a hard stage for farmers during harvest it. Especially for industries that Binh Phuoc province, where acreage and yield the greatest thing our country today.

    Source: VINACAS / VNA / Vietnam