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  • China expected to retake title of biggest US almond importer

    Jul 17th, 2017

    California’s almond farmers are seeing huge demand from China. As the middle class grows and becomes increasingly willing to spend money on traditionally more expensive health foods, it means almonds are in huge demand according to CGTN’s Phil Lavelle.It’s a huge industry in California – with 80 percent of the world’s almonds coming from that one U.S. state. And more than two thirds of those grown there end up abroad. China had been the number one export market – with a record 104.3 million kilograms exported there five years ago.After California fell into a drought however, prices rose, which caused Chinese imports to drop. Spain and India became the biggest consumers. But now the drought is officially over and things are returning to normal, it seems China has regained its taste for California’s favourite nut. More than 60 million kilograms have been shipped already so far this year, with increases of around 20 percent year on year, at the going rate, China is expected to become the number one market for American almonds by the end of the year.