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  • Cashewnut fund to construct three processing plants valued at 115bn/-

    Sep 2nd, 2015

    The Cashewnut Industry Development Trust Fund (CIDTF) is planning to spend 115bn/- for the construction of three modern processing plants so as to increase the value of the crop and create more jobs.Speaking during a cashew nut stakeholders meeting here, the CIDTF Executive Secretary Selemani Lenga said the planned plants will be constructed at Mangamba area in Mtwara, Tunduru in Ruvuma and Mkuranga in Coast regions.He said once completed, the factories will have the capacity of processing at least 30,000 tonnes per year, (10,000 tonnes per each factory).“We need to increase production and add value as well ... our target is to ensure there is a high rate of production and we will work closer with factory owners,” he said. As for the old and underperforming ones, he said, plans are underway to work together with owners of the factories on the modalities of renovating them by facilitating owners of the factories with seed capital to rebuild them.Between 1968 and 1980, the government built 12 cashewnut processing factories in Newala (2), Lindi (2), Masasi (1), Mtwara (2), Tunduru (1), Nachingwea (1), Dar es Salaam (2) and Kibaha (1).

    Despite all these efforts, the 12 factories did not work as expected, the reason being poor production that was outpaced by demand. While the factories require 116,000 tonnes of cashew nuts, production has dropped to 16,000 tonnes.He also said the Fund will construct two cashewnut godowns in some regions which grow the crop.According to him, construction activities for the plants and godowns would start in November this year.“We are now waiting for completion of architectural work and other procedures before the contractor starts his assignment,” he said.

    Source: THE GUARDIAN