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  • Cashew:Season of fun

    Apr 8th, 2016

    In particular, many households participating renovated garden compound of VN Cashew Association (Vinacas) has started to feel the effect when placed faith in how this bold ...

    Perhaps, never farmers in Phu Rieng (new district separated from BGM), Binh Phuoc province says much about the state of cashew in excitement as the time this season.

    In early April, pour in the hot as fire, and his wife, Hoang Van Dan (Long Tan) still laughing and took us to visit the orchard grafting is 6ha large to harvest and seed orchard is incubating 30,000 the vast tree damage.

    He said: "Production this year is sure to be around 20 tons / 6 ha, average selling price of 33 million / ton, earning several hundred million to make within reach". His wife went next door chuckling occasionally seemed to pity: "The heat too, and not add a few tons, too ...!".

    With experience doing nearly stuffy 30 years (from 1987), Tiger and his wife felt very clearly the value of the change in productivity, yield, and quality of cashew nuts in recent times. Years ago, he had himself studied orchard grafting improvement by bringing 50 trees for productivity, low quality of "experiments".

    The result is that after two years, productivity in this tree groups saw improvement, seed variety, the left big, strong, beautiful, high recovery rate of workers. Beliefs about grafting orchard renovation has been proved by practice.

    True that time (2014), Vinacas has programs to support farmers renovated garden compound, he boldly registration and "aggressive" rehabilitation of more than 300 trees (600 trees in total). By now, the entire 6 hectare yield has averaged more than 3 tons / ha (previously only 1.5 to 2 tons / ha), plus the price was high, and his wife had "fresh fruits" in the middle severe drought weather.

    To confirm the effectiveness of the methodology improvement, Tiger's wife brought out a handful of cashews, held out his hand to say: "In the past more than 200 new districts must be 1kg, is now just over 1kg and 100 grains. You see no, this one picked Granulated very happy! ".

    Then she said, the day prior to harvest it, she and her husband asked who contracted collect seeds, many people walked away shaking his head into the garden because they saw little seeds, picking up time-consuming, low wages. And now, cashews clearly increased in size, very fast gathering, asked them to get then scrambled to stock it.

    Similarly, Mr. Hoang Van Quy (11 villages, Long Ha) also participated in support programs orchard grafting of Vinacas renovated since 2014. Previously, he does not invest more by productivity and prices that are very low, averaging less than 2 tons / 2 ha, grossed only 30-40 million per season.

    After a period of efforts to rehabilitate and take care of the garden, this stocky he said: "Certainly there will be 3 tons on 2ha, the current price will collect about 100 million, minus all costs" pocket "at least 70 million".

    Mr. You also said that the next year, when the adult slips, make sure productivity and quality orchard will also increase significantly. "My wife and I and 3 children are living on this garden. Previously only enough to eat, and will have plenty of time to worry about other things for the family, "he said cheerfully quarter.

    According to MA Do Thanh Trung, Head of Agriculture Phu Rieng district, the district is over 20,000 articles, an average yield of 1.5 tons / ha, the annual output of over 30,000 tons.

    Since 2014, Vinacas implement support programs orchard grafting improvement in this area and has spread rapidly.

    Due to good behavior, intensive focus so many families have yield 3 tons / ha, collected about 100 million per hectare, "eat off" rubber and coffee "moment.

    "Many people previously seen shift to the low price of rubber, coffee, sitting hours pity. Increased productivity, high cost things like this, everyone is excited about her children at all, "Trung said.

    Hoang Long

    Source: Agriculture Vietnam