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  • Cashew welcome new opportunities

    May 25th, 2016

    Up groups of crude imports

    At the seminar "transferred his industry welcomed new opportunities" took place on 23/5 in Vietnam, Nguyen Duc Thanh, chairman VN Cashew Association (Vinacas) said that due to import 70% VN materials export processing should reorganize all the more.

    In particular, it will form groups of enterprises with import demand, based on the voluntary principle. These groups are not necessarily by region, but in many parts businesses can come together when appropriate. The group members will share information and advance to agree on the purchase price allocation for some clue in talks.

    "In Long An has established this group and upcoming delivery for 1-2 clue work for the party, this way ensuring the quality of raw materials has helped more reasonable purchase price."

    Vinacas representative also said that the last time the trade disputes occur primarily in the field of import of raw cashew nuts. Therefore, a solution Vinacas frugal as customer classification. Based on the classification, the DN VN only do business with reputable partners, eliminating even the units do not have professional, financial inability, without feet goods, mainly through selling broker very risky.

    Vinacas Office will also publish an assessment of the customer to sell crude to VN. The Advisory Council will import annually published list of "black" on the export of raw cashew VN does not comply with the contract to DN alert.

    Vinacas well established consultancy team, including lawyers, continue to edit templates crude import contracts to the construction companies as a basis for their own contracts. The spirit of the contract is the definitive template for partners not to impose "rules of the game", causing losses to businesses VN when the problem occurred.

    Priority processing, FHS

    Vinacas Chairman also confirmed that the industry wants to bring value to VN 3-4 billion a year, only the road promoting intensive processing to create added value. "No deep processing can not win this battle," Mr. Thanh said. The increase in deep processing for foreign partners not only sell but also to fully exploit the domestic market with nearly 100 million inhabitants (already has several businesses in and achieved very positive results).

    This sector will also continue to improve technological processes, aiming rotation system uses capital and machinery, warehouses, factories doubled; insects do not arise, high quality cashew nuts, FHS, thereby creating greater added value for the industry.

    In addition, this sector is also changing attitudes VN business: Previously based on the motto compete in a "cheap", ie buy low-cost raw materials and export of low value. Now the companies are willing to buy high-priced but quality processing leading, then sell at high prices. This is beneficial for both companies, just right with the goal of MARD is helping farmers better incomes from cultivation, to create sustainable development.

    Together with farmers

    Some ideas suggested at the conference that the industry must support solutions, reinvesting back to farmers to increase production of domestic raw materials.

    Nguyen Duc Thanh affirmed, MARD has endorsed a proposal to establish "sustainable development fund it." Revenues include four sources: the state support; Export revenues in the first section tons of all businesses, funding and other revenue sources. About tasks spending: Approximately 70% of the fund of funds used to support the program of intensive rehabilitation and research garden seeds, cashew farmers support. About 30% is spent on research to improve the process technology, manufacturing equipment and processing conditions, improve quality and food hygiene and safety, trade promotion and market development in the country.

    In addition, this sector is also receiving special attention of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Steering Committee would establish conditions for sustainable development by Deputy Le Quoc Doanh as Chairman. The Ministry has also invested hundreds of billions for the things of Binh Phuoc and research institutions, aims to help farmers increase yields and income from cashew in the near future.

    Nguyen Minh

    Source: Agriculture Vietnam