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  • Cashew spraying exercise yield positive results

    Jul 8th, 2018

    President Edgar Lungu being assisted to put on a cashew nut tree sprayer  The Cashew Trees which were affected by pests and fungal diseases in Western Province are said to be improving after the first -round of the spraying exercise. The development has cheered the Cashew Infrastructure Development Project (CIDP) Technical Advisor Peter Masawa.

    Prof. Masawa told ZANIS after conducting an on the spot check of some of the trees along the Senenga/Kalabo road today that there is great improvement on some of the trees after the spraying exercise. Prof. Masawa expressed optimism that the cashew trees will produce the nuts again after many years of fungal infection which had affected their productivity.

    The CIDP Technical advisor said President Edgar Lungu is very passionate about the cashew industry in Western Province and wants it to succeed. Prof. Masawa said the recovery rate of the plants is encouraging adding that, in 30 days’ time most of the trees will start having the nuts.

    And Zambia Research Institute (ZARI) Assistant Technical Researcher Robinson Mwila said the use of motorized blowers for spraying has enhanced the efficiency of the spraying of the trees. Mr. Mwila has assured the farmers that Government is committed to ensuring that all their trees both newly planted and old ones are fully sprayed against pests and fungal diseases.

    He disclosed that the spraying exercise which is being undertaken by ZARI will be done in three phases in order to boost their protection against diseases. And a local farmer Getrude Lishekelo has paid tribute to President Edgar Lungu for supporting cashew farmers in the area. Mrs. Lishekelo said for a long time, most of the farmers did not know what to do with cashew trees which were planted and were not able to produce. She expressed hope that her income level will improve once her cashew trees are able to produce