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  • Cashew sector: The actors denounce flaws in its structuration

    Oct 31st, 2018

    Actors in the cashew sector held a workshop to update the roadmap for setting up the inter-professional agricultural organization of the cashew nut sector on Monday, October 29, 2018, in a hotel complex in Grand Bassam. On this occasion, Salif Tenéna Coulibaly, Director General of the National Federation of Cashew Producers of Côte d'Ivoire, said: "The cashew nut sector is one of the main agricultural crops in the North, North-East and Central Asia regions. the Ivory Coast. Its development took place quickly, which led to huge flaws in its structure. Agricultural professional organizations are now experiencing a great deal of difficulty in their organization and operation.


    The purpose of this workshop is therefore to update this roadmap by the professional actors of the various links in the value chain and thus to accelerate the creation of the Interprofessional Agricultural Organization (OIA). The overall objective of this workshop is the updating of the roadmap in order to allow professional stakeholders to take ownership of the various stages of the establishment of the OIA of the cashew sector ». (...) It is a question of accompanying these actors until the creation of an interprofession representative of the sector. It is for this reason that the Directorate of Professional Agricultural Organizations (DOPA) in collaboration with the Council of Cotton and Cashew, undertook a participatory and inclusive process leading to the constitution of a consensual and credible OIA within of the cashew nut sector.

    This process started in 2014 and has gone through several stages including the organization in 2015 of regional workshops (Gbêkê, Poro, Kabadougou, Worodougou, Gontougo) during which a roadmap had been validated. However, it is clear that it has not been completed. We are appealing to the government for an effective establishment of the inter-professional organization of the cashew nut sector for the happiness of the producers ".