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  • Cashew sector: Launch of the purchase of products in the Bounkani region

    May 20th, 2019

    Bouna, The launch of the cashew purchase operation in the Bounkani region started on Sunday with the Syalledouo stage in the sub-prefecture of Ondefidouo, Bouna department.

    This purchase operation, under the supervision of the Coton Anacarde Council, is carried out with respect to the minimum field price of 375 CFA francs per kilogram, as decided by the Government.

    This is an operation led by the grouping of national cashew exporters. In the department of Bouna, this group gave a mandate to the Cocopragel cooperative society to make purchases.

    The initiative aims, not only, to enforce the price of cashew but especially to allow producers to live fruits of their labors because in this area, some crooks buyers took them the products below the official price.