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  • Cashew sector seize new opportunities

    Oct 3rd, 2015

    It can be said, while many agricultural commodities still "pathfinder", then since 2006 cashew VN became "superpower" when exporting the world's largest cashew, integration extensive international market of over 50 countries and territories.

    After 26 years of participation XK (1988-2014), branch of Vietnam affirmed its position, dominate the global market. In recent years, it is one of the few major agricultural commodities remain well on export growth. 2015, in the context of having multiple items, the cashew sector is forecast to reach a record export turnover of $ 2.5 billion.

    Demand for grain increases

    For years, on the world market, nuts are put in the cart with dried nuts and dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, macadamia, walnut, pecans, raisins, apples Shopping cart includes dry ... foods of plant origin, nutritious and particularly well-suited to the needs of healthy eating is growing worldwide. That is the demand for foods of plant origin, close to natural, nutritious and good for human health.

    Dang Hoang Giang, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), people are increasingly interested in health more. Instead of focusing eat as before, people are turning to food, so as to ensure long-term health. Therefore, the diet trend is increasingly widespread, as the method of regional diet Mediterranean (fish, dried nuts, vegetables ...).

    In Vietnam, in the urban areas, families with economic conditions and greater attention to eating health guarantee. And this is a chance to expand the market for dried nuts and fruit basket dry. Which nut is in the top dry nuts are consumed the most, are the most popular. According to the calculations of experts on dry nuts and dried fruit, consumer demand for this category is growing around 10% / year worldwide. Meanwhile, the possibility of increased acreage and yield of dried nuts in general, in particular cashews are currently much lower than the increase in demand. As for nuts, the annual production of crude in the world at about 2.7 million tons. Vietnam and other major cashew growing countries, especially African countries, is trying to increase the output.

    But according to Mr. Dang Hoang Giang, global production of crude can only increase by around 5% / year. Therefore, the geographical balance of the world market is still pretty much the cashews. And in the coming years, the consumption of nuts was very stable. Remarkably, although situated along the cart with nuts and dried fruit, but cashews less competitive on the market with nuts, dried fruit other. Moreover, the consumption of dried nuts also have interaction with each other. For example, when the price of almonds on the world market price increases, cashews also increased. When prices fell almonds, cashews prices also fell ...

    The dried seeds do not fluctuate much in price every time there is volatility on the world market, by potentially preserved Results 1 - 1.5 years. Thus the market risks for dry county in general, cashew nuts in particular are not many. The market of Vietnam Cashew ensures good for minimizing risk. Because if as many key agricultural commodities other are too dependent on the Chinese market, or a few major markets, then the output of cashew nuts are not dependent on any one market. The US market is currently the largest of Vietnam Cashew but only 31.5% in volume and approximately 32% of the value of our country's export conditions in 2014. In addition to the US, EU and China is the third-largest market today, cashews Vietnam was exported to over 50 markets in all continents.

    Focus promote the advantages

    Of course, the financial situation, the world economy have large uncertainties, causing consumers to tighten their belts and reduce spending, the consumption of cashew nuts will also be affected, especially cashews when food is not essential nature, compelled to use every day such as food, meat, vegetables ... Therefore, when calculating the potential to expand the market in the coming years for cashews, also needs counter this.

    On the other hand, while China (the largest importer of thing) and many African countries (which only export raw cashew) are the development dynamics of domestic processing industry, will certainly have a certain influence on the industry thing goods of Vietnam in the future. However, the opinion of many business sectors shows that Vietnam can still believe in the growth of exports of cashew nuts. Because the raw materials, compared with China to import completely, Vietnam has advantages over that have the raw materials to meet almost half the processing capacity. Compared with African countries, Vietnam's cashew quality better.

    Vietnam Cashew brand already known and widely confirmed on global markets, hence the question "In what is thought to particle Vietnam". These customers want to buy good quality cashew nuts, high yield, reasonable prices, it often will come to the "market" the biggest thing is Vietnam. It is also very important that Vietnam has formed a processing industry which mainly by machinery and technology in the country, reducing a lot of labor, significantly reduced production costs, the ratio high recovery personnel, creating good quality product ... Comes with systems that support services such as logistics, warehousing, packaging ... pretty good now, while African countries are very weak poor both in processing and support services.

    China is ominous than Africa because what they can do, especially in machinery, technology, and the fact they have actually embarked on the processing of imported raw materials. But China faces major limitation of primary production (cut, peeled ...) they are let go because almost lost a lot of time and effort. So, the Chinese enterprises are also doing business in other major markets are the US, EU ..., ie mainly imports of roasted cashew nuts, fried, can only import less crude processing right from the start as Vietnam. Therefore, they have to depend on individual NK, which is an important source of Vietnam. Therefore, as in past years, in the coming years, the main opponents of the Vietnam thing will be India. But with rivals, Vietnam is more advantageous, especially in terms of cost, production cost. Evidence that many Indian enterprises to invest in Vietnam to build processing plants in our country because the price is lower than the water inside them.

    Increased product deep processing, FHS

    To further increase the value of exports in a sustainable way, keeping its position that the No. 1 export country in the world, this sector needs to step up processing of value-added products instead of still largely individual XK current primary processing. Also pay attention, tighter controls on food safety in cashew processing to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the discerning market. Currently, the number of processing units that in our country many, including hundreds basis only graded B, C of conditions to ensure food safety. But no sanctions and measures to enforce the base class C, class B to improve production conditions ensuring food safety on a par with the base rank B, Class A. So many establishments fail ensuring food safety continues processing, contributing to damaging the reputation of cashews Vietnam general, but still negligent sanctioned or forced to close.

    Dang Hoang Giang - Vice President Vinacas: Tighten quality imported crude Currently, this sector is still run by volume, therefore, pretty much every year to import crude. In the long run, this entails significant risks. For example if you appear more competitive a country with Vietnam for processing cashew nuts, surely the crude imports from Vietnam enterprise will become more difficult. Therefore, this sector needs to be adjusted again, instead of running after quantity, then go into the quality to enhance the value of products exported.

    Source: Agriculture Vietnam