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  • Cashew sector in Benin: The Brmn form players with international standards

    May 27th, 2017

    Training on sanitary and phytosanitary measures (Sps), the HACCP and international standards, and the classification of cashew kernels. Actors of the cashew sector in Benin were trained this Wednesday, May 24, the Office of restructuring and upgrading (Brmn). It is in the building program of productive and trade capacities of Benin (Benin Prcpc). This is according to the consultant Gérard Bossey of UNIDO, motivation training by Brmn." This is to teach them what the norm in this area and how to comply with them to access the international market. And especially on very specific aspects of the products we want to help promote this market . " This was said Director General of Brmn, Airy Tonato.

    For market access cashew

    According to him, this training account for the building program of productive and trade capacities of Benin (Benin Prcpc). It aims to help these players to provide easy access to that market. This implies, he says, a number of prerequisites." Upstream, it's a whole lot of methodologies and measures to be taken during all the work, from the fields up to delivery at the customer " says Gérard Bossey, the trainer. He focused in particular on sanitary and phytosanitary measures (Sps), HACCP, international standards and classifications of cashew kernels.

    Strengthening competitiveness in the sector Cashew

    The implementation of acquired induce strengthening the competitiveness of Benin's cashew in an international market. " What is fundamental is respect for quality and then make our cashew is not downgraded in the market ," says the DG / Brmn." There are categories cashew market, we must ensure that we are in the first category where cashew is better valued "