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  • Cashew production in the 2015/16 crop year in Tanzania could fall by 20%

    Jan 16th, 2016

    According to recent estimates, the output in the 2015/16 crop year in Tanzania can be reduced by 20% (39,000 tonnes equivalent) due to bad weather and poor farming methods.

    Commission of Tanzania (CBT) said, to end December 2015, 130,000 tons of cashew nuts have been harvested and production is expected to reach 150,000 tons by the end of service, ending next month. Although the price of cashew nuts increased from Sh 1,700 / kg (equivalent to 0.8 USD / kg) in the crop prior to Sh 2,200 / kg (equivalent to US $ 1 / kg) this season, yields are still low 130,000 tons.

    In addition to erratic rainfall resulting from climate change, cashew farmers facing chronic problems of declining production due to three factors: poor farming methods, cultivation and crop conversion use of bush fires to weeding.

    Source: CCBNLTS & NM