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  • Cashew nuts produce changing weather

    Mar 14th, 2020

    The loss of fragile mango crop due to changing weather has become a matter of practice in the last few years, but cashew nuts which have a higher capacity to survive have also been hit this year. In many places in Konkan, the effect of cashew nuts has worsened as a result of this change, while in some areas, cashew nuts are likely to go a long way in the rainy season, said gardener Sanjay Desai. Ratnagiri - Cashew nuts have started entering some markets in Sindhudurg district. But at this time, the picture does not appear to be getting the right price. In the beginning, the rate of Rs 5 per kg has dropped sharply to Rs. Therefore, the gardeners fear financial loss. Last season, the monsoon was prolonged. Also, due to the storm, the mango and cashew nuts recovered. Due to adverse effects on both these crops, the crop has been delayed due to poor environment. Also, its proportion has remained low. This year, cashew nuts were predicted to fall by 5 per cent below average. But there was a great confusion about his rates. Cashew nuts are good in some places due to the cooling. But gardeners are worried as it does not have the right rates.

    Last year, cashew crop had a good rate of 8 to 8 kg initially. This year the market remained stable for a long time, despite the shortage of arrivals. The chances are lower this time. The experience of cashew cultivation has increased in the last few years due to the experience that cashew nuts produce better yields than mangoes. But due to adverse weather this year, cashew nuts are being threatened. It is also suggested that the rate of cashew seed will increase even though the rate of cashew seed increases over time.