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  • Cashew nut processing: Bad times for local factories

    Feb 20th, 2020

    The local cashew processing factories are going through a rough patch just like the other links in the chain. The weak link in the sector that remains processing is currently "on hold", according to Georgette Taraf, president of the National Council of Cashew Processors (CNTC). Four of the ten local processing factories have closed, a fifth is in the process of filing for bankruptcy and the others are in dire straits, not knowing which saint to devote to, she warns, during the day of reflection on cashew organized by the National Council of Cashew Exporters of Benin (Conec-Benin) in collaboration with the National Federation of Buyers of Agricultural and Tropical Products of Benin (Fenapat-Benin), on January 24 in Cotonou.