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  • Cashew nut prices crack record, remain at 100 mark

    Apr 30th, 2015

    PANAJI: Cashew nut prices have remained unusually steady throughout the season, unlike in the past, and continued to be sold at 100 per kg after the initial price of 102 per kg during the season opener in March 2015.The season started slowly after mid-March and cashew farmers were offered a record and morale-boosting 102 per kg, as compared to 90-95 in the 2014 season. But cashew nut prices always go down by about 5-7 after the first flush of harvest, as the supply increases."While 102 per kg is the highest price ever offered to farmers, it remained steady till April 6, when it went down by a rupee to 101 per kg. The next day, it went down again, to 100, but has remained there till date," said Madhav Sahakari, president of Goa cashew processors association.

    The better price this season is attributed to the appreciation of prices at the international level and increase in consumption of the crunchy nuts."The first flush was affected by heavy rain on March 1," said Sahakari. While the flowering was late and it reached its peak towards mid-April, farmers still continue to harvest the crop, though it is petering out now.The crop was good in parts of Canacona, Sanguem and Sattari and is expected to be better than last it was in 2014.