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  • Cashew market marketing: Fenapat-Benin calls for respect of the price floor

    Apr 15th, 2019

    The drop in the price of cashews is causing a stir among the players. Faced with the persistent situation, the president of the National Federation of Buyers of Agricultural Products and Tropical Benin (Fenapat Benin), El Hadj Boukari Ibrahim, enlightened the producers' lantern

    "The market is not static, but it is dynamic. So things are changing, "said El Hadj Boukari Ibrahim, president of the National Federation of Buyers of Agricultural and Tropical Products of Benin (Fenapat-Benin), to justify the change in price observed in the cashew nut sales in the field. . In an appropriate language, he recalled that Benin is part of a subregional and international set that forces him to meet a certain standard. Thus before launching the marketing campaign of the cashew nut, the ad hoc committee of fixing of price composed of all the actors sits, and makes proposals to the Government which ratifies. Only after the official price is revealed. For the current campaign, the floor price is 400F Cfa, 250F Cfa difference compared to that of last year which is 650F Cfa.

     "The price floor means the price below which you can not give the cashews to Benin," said the president of Fenapat Benin who greeted the President of the Republic, Patrice Talon, whose policy is to encourage producers to boost production, which is in the order of 120 thousand tons. "The government has done a lot. In principle, the price should be 300F CFA. This year's floor price is better than other countries in the sub-region. If you take Ivory Coast today, it is 300 F CFA, "said El Hadj BoukariIbrahim. Despite this price set by the Government, some processors and exporters are trying to violate the executive's decision because they disagree. Thus, they buy from poorly lit producers, cashew at less than 400F Cfa.

     "These are mostly in the informal. They bypass the texts and chew the producers without paying any copeck to the state," lamented the president of Fenapat Benin. For whom, it is urgent to clean up the sector in order to situate the responsibility of each actor of the cashew nut sector.Reason for which, he asks the Government the taking of a decree to regulate this activity. "The situation in the cashew sector is not related to the political crisis in our country. It is not exclusive to. But this is a global situation, "said El Hadj Boukari A. Ibrahim, also a member of Ifa-Benin, responsible for the marketing of cashew, shea and soy products. He then urged producers to sell their product because keeping the existing stocks in the hope that the price would come back to 400 CFA francs is bad policy.