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  • Cashew kernel prices rise following shortage of imported raw cashew nut

    Apr 15th, 2016

    Cashew kernel prices have risen following shortage of imported raw cashew nut. India imports over 60% of its requirement of around 16 lakh tons of raw cashew nut for processing mainly from African countries.

    To control the unbridled import, the government had introduced an import duty of 9.36% in March. "However, the raw cashew nut prices moved up in March to around $ 1500 a ton from below $1300 because of late arrivals in many regions of Africa," said Pankaj N Sampat, director of Samson Traders.

    Rising consumption of cashew in India has led to a proliferation of processors in the country. As a result the exporters could not get adequate quantity for processing and export.

    The prices of cashew kernels have increased in the export market to $3.80 per pound. Cashew also has become costly in the local market moving up to around Rs 600 per kg.

    There is a concern that the African crop may be short in some places. The delay in crop arrivals has led to reduced buying by the Indian processors. Consequently the kernel availability in April to June will be on the low side.

    According to Sampat, buyers are reluctant to pay higher price for the raw cashew as they don't know whether the shortage of crop is exaggerated. A clear picture on the crop situation is expected only by the end of May.