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  • Cashew industry: Supply of quality analysis equipment to producers

    May 12th, 2017

    On Thursday, May 11th, in Grand Bassam, the Cotton and Cashew Nut Council (CCA) presented quality analytical materials to some 60 cashew cooperatives from 12 regions of the country. The regulatory body intends to provide the Agricultural Professional Organizations (OPA) with technical means to improve and preserve the quality of the raw nuts produced in Côte d'Ivoire.

    The selection criteria for the 60 cooperatives were delivered by the head of the CCA: " We selected 60 cooperatives from 12 producing regions, five of them better by region ." And Adama Coulibaly added that the selection came after a workshop. " In December 2016, we organized a workshop to stabilize the strategic axes relating to the quality of cashew nuts of Côte d'Ivoire origin. The recommendations that have been validated by this workshop should also be validated in the field ".

    The 60 cooperative managers will be introduced to the quality control mechanisms for raw nuts. The evaluation revolves around its moisture content, fault, graining or KOR (Kernel Outturn Ratio). According to Adama Coulibaly, the durability of the cashew nut will depend on the quality of the almonds. " Quality has a price on the international market ", said the director of the CSF, before calling on the actors of the production chain to make the sector competitive.