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  • Cashew in Vinh Hiep (Binh Dinh): Increases productivity through the application of scientific and technical progress

    Sep 14th, 2015

    Cashew trees are considered as "alleviation of poverty" of the people of Vinh Thanh. Thanks to growing things that many households, especially households of ethnic minorities overcome poverty and become well-off. Nguyen Van Nghinh family, in Vinh Tho, Vinh Hiep is one of the better off thanks to cashew households with annual income of about 150 million. This year alone, his family received nearly 7 tonnes of cashew, over 180 million of revenue. To get this achievement, he Nghinh spent little time to study the document and participate in technical training programs and care for trees planted by the district branch of the organization functions.

    Nghinh He said: "After each harvest, my family invested hundreds of labor for pruning, fertilizing, spraying pesticides for orchard. In this way, in just over 1 year, yielding orchard was nearly 7 kg seeds / ha, although not high compared to other places but also greater than 2 times the yield many other things in the communal garden. "

    Dang Van Mango, Chairman of Farmers Vinh Hiep, adds: At Vinh Tho, Vinh Hiep, as well as his family Nghinh, many households here have started to apply scientific and technical advances in plant care it should always higher yield from 40 to 60% compared to other localities in the district. Particularly for it this year, but prolonged drought, but thanks to good care should also achieve an average yield of nearly 6 tons / ha.

    The fact is that because most farmers planted Vinh Thanh experience is the main thing but not know how to apply science and technology from species selection, care, pest control, as well as lack of investment ... that many poor orchard quality. In addition, the market price of cashew nuts unstable, with the years fell too sharply, while the price of supplies of fertilizers, pesticides, tending to rise, making growers that suffered huge losses, so many who felled trees orchard switch to wood materials. However, many farmers in Vinh Tho, if put into intensive scientific and technological progress, this is still cashew crops bring economic benefits, helping people afford upland sustainable poverty reduction.

    Mr. Nguyen Huu Xuan, Head of MARD Vinh Thanh district, said: To gradually improve the effectiveness trees, on the one hand districts advocated improving productivity that by implementing training programs to guide farmers app Scientific progress in the process of care, combined construction demonstration cashew cultivation to farmers can learn, follow. On the other hand, supported the district forestry seedlings to farmers converting it less effective area. Until now, the district has implemented convert 576 hectares of inefficiency into acacia plantation. As planned, in 2015, the district will continue to convert 175 hectares of timber plantations.

    Source: Binh Dinh OL