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  • Cashew exports to Hong Kong, Israel has the highest price

    Sep 28th, 2017

    As compared to the same period last year, exports decreased 0.14% in volume but increased 26.3% in value. On average in the past eight months, the export price of nuts reached $ 9,891 per ton, up 26.5% compared with the first eight months of 2016. Of which, exports to Hong Kong, Israel reached the highest price over 11,000 USD / ton; Italy and the UAE reached the lowest level, averaging just over 7,000 per ton.

    The United States was the biggest buyer of cashew nuts in Vietnam, with 81,163 tons valued at $ 815.1 million (up 7.2% in volume and 37% in value over the same period in 2016). The second largest market was the EU with 61,297 tons, valued at $ 608.3 million (up 5.8% in volume and 34.3% in value). Next to the Dutch market with 34,804 tons, valued at $ 353.61 million (up 14% in volume and 46% in value).

    The strongest increase in the first eight months was in Belgium, with a strong increase of 63% in volume and 113% in value (1,354 tons and $ 14.3 million). Other markets with strong growth were Russia (+ 61%), India (+ 48%), Netherlands (+ 46%), Spain (+ 40%) ...

    Source: Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper