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  • Cashew exports are expected to reach $ 3.3 billion

    Jun 19th, 2017

    This is information provided at the meeting between the Vietnam Cashew Association (VINACAS) and Michael Waring, the first vice president of the International Dry Bulk Council (INC) and the Standing Committee of the Executive Council Bridge (GCC) on 16/6.At the meeting, VINACAS President Nguyen Duc Thanh informed the representatives of INC and GCC about the production and cashew business of Vietnam, the results of the International Conference on Customers, Binh Phuoc in May, 2017 and next. The Vietnam International Article Conference 2017 will take place from 13-15 November 2011 in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam.

    Nguyen Duc Thanh said that in 2016, Vietnam's cashew industry businesses exported 350,000 tons of cashew nuts of all kinds, the export value was over $ 3 billion, Including about $ 2.85 billion of cashew kernel, the rest are by-products of the regulator.According to Thanh, this is the eleventh consecutive year that Vietnam's cashew nut industry will continue to maintain its market share of over 50% $ 5 billion).

    In 2017, Vietnam's cashew nut industry is expected to export about 360,000 tons of cashew nuts of all kinds, up 2.8% over the same period of 2016. The export value of cashew nut products is 3.3 billion USD, About $ 3 billion, up 5.0% over 2016.At the meeting, on behalf of INC and GCC, Michael Waring also informed the Vinacas leaders about INC's congress results in May 2017 in HCMC. Chennai (India) and some information about GCC activities over time.

    In the spirit of cooperation, for the development of the cashew industry in particular and the dried fruit of the world in general, VINACAS and INC, GCC agreed on some contents. Accordingly, INC and GCC commit to accompany and sponsor VINACAS in activities such as promotion and promotion of nutritious value of Vietnamese cashew nuts; Annual International Article Conference in Vietnam; Trade activities, expansion of export markets; Support to improve competitiveness of cashew products of Vietnam; Cleaner production programs and sustainable development ...

    VINACAS also identified as an active founding member of the GCC in its key activities. VINACAS suggests that the GCC consolidate its organization and operation according to the GCC's mission, purpose and program of activities to attract the participation of organizations around the world.Along with that, VINACAS will call on members to contribute funds for meaningful activities of the world industry and suggested that INC and GCC will select Vietnam as the next destination of the Dry Fruit Congress Vietnam is not only the largest cashew processing center in the world, but also the potential exporter of other nuts and dried fruits such as chickpea, Dry, dry, pine, jackfruit, dry ...