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  • Cashew expect TPP

    Apr 9th, 2016

    Before the question of the Youth of the agricultural products of Vietnam will have the opportunity in America once the TPP effect, Karen Ross, Minister of Agriculture Food and California, said she found the opportunity of cashews.

    "Let's focus on food, on Vietnam products truly excellent" and cashew is one such product, according to Ms. Ross. She explained: "The Americans are very interested in health and nutrition. The hard-shelled nuts are good for health. We have many kinds of such particles but Americans also enjoyed exploring the new, the original and like variety. Vietnam Cashew meet all those criteria. "

    Ms. Ross also suggests a way to expand the presence of cashews Vietnam on the US market: through chefs. According to her, exploring new materials at the restaurant is a safe way to try many Americans and once discovered Vietnam Cashew excellent quality, consumers will find it and buy one. "I do not know cashew trade of Vietnam was held in general, they have in the US trade representative, but TPP is not a huge opportunity for them to expand the market. But that was all a long multi-step process that you have to do, "Ms. Ross said.

    And Mrs. Ross, along with officials of the Ministry of Agriculture 12 western US states other went to Vietnam to prepare for the "long process" to expand US agricultural exports to Vietnam opportunity TPP - half when the effect will help to eliminate or reduce tariffs and other barriers are increasing the cost of agricultural products of the member states on their respective markets.

    During their stay in Vietnam from 4-8.4 days, the delegation met with leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam businesses ... to discuss the TPP and expand trade promotion, where operation between the two countries.

    Verdict after this working trip, Jim Barbee, Nevada Agriculture Minister, who is also chairman of Agricultural Trade Association American West, said: "This is a favorable time for the enterprise domain US west market expansion exported to Vietnam because Vietnam has a huge demand for agricultural products - high quality American food. "

    Kieu Oanh

    Source: Thanh Nien OL