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  • Cashew conclave concludes

    Jun 30th, 2017

    The two-day cashew conclave concluded here on Thursday by seeding the Kerala government agreement with African nations on ways to ensure long-term procurement of raw cashew nuts to save crisis-ridden sector in the state. Initially, the state in coordination with the External Affairs Ministry plans to tie-up with major cashew producing African nations including Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Guinea Bissau."A detailed proposal will be prepared by the state government on the price agreement and transportation of raw cashew nuts. Then it will be submitted to the external affairs ministry which will discuss with Kerala and the African nations to take it forward," said cashew conclave coordinator Roy Tomlal.

    According to sources at the industries department, Gambia is willing to give even tax holiday for traders in Kerala, who are willing to procure cashew. They said by procuring raw cashew from their country, their community will benefit and it will help double production of processed cashew in Kerala benefitting the industry here, thus ensuring a win-win situation.