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  • Cashew bugs attack in Binh Phuoc

    Feb 23rd, 2017

    As noted by reporter Journal of the times, over the past month, the weather in the province of Binh Phuoc abnormal changes occur unseasonable rain and fog caused wants to greatly affect the seasonal conditions in many parts in the local area.Currently many farmers that continue to stretch yourself to cope with anthracnose, bugs attack and led many risk losing orchard white. Bu Gia Map District, the province was rated the most severely affected villages Two Can, Phu Nghia Commune.

    Some growers after Tet holiday when visiting assistant fire garden has witnessed the spectacle of flowering cotton are beautiful things suddenly were almost completely withered, young fruit, the black, shrunken. According to the head of the household, causes more severe damage orchard outside adhesion problems, the rain and frost Another reason is due to the wet weather gave rise to anthracnose and bugs. Pham Thanh Minh, Village Two Apartments, Phu Nghia said: "In this area every year not seen the phenomenon of dry twigs and cotton thing. If there is only dry cotton, unlike this year both cotton and cotton connecting branches also dying like this series. My family has 5 ha, but now there are about half as lost acreage to 80%. The remaining area also continues to be affected more than 50% ".

    Facing this situation, many rural households in the region and two neighboring Apartment "restlessness". To save cotton thing, young fruit many households find ways to save the cotton spraying and young fruit are in the development stage. Given the negative impact of climate for people to grow things, though very sorry to see that the risk of losing the white garden, but many households still bear subtle weeding, spraying. They hope the remaining branches can survive and flourish for the left. "The thing I took home this year's season so sure. Cotton as well as most young fruit is damaged, rotten all gone. Hope the rest if longer flowering will return at wages, insecticides, fertilizers investment "- he Dieu Nin, said Village Two Apartments.

    According to estimates of the Phu Nghia Commune Farmers' Association, in the village Two Apartment, cashew area suffered heavy losses due to rain and pests present time is nearly 50 hectares. Also, in the commune now some villages in the garden of plants that also appeared to be affected by bugs and diseases such as anthracnose Two Basing village.Bu Gia Map District is on 41,000 hectares of which region is most affected rural area Two Can, Phu Nghia Commune. As for other areas of the district are also infected with anthrax letters, acid foam as the communes of Phuoc Minh City, Dak O, Binh Thang and BGM. According to preliminary estimates of the District Extension Station BGM, now the area that the district infected by anthracnose, bugs affecting approximately 30% of the area and potentially more contaminated during the next if not treated promptly. The actual inspection in the affected gardens and polls of many households, local officials have also actively guide people perform corrective methods to reduce damage to the cashew and avoid spreading spread to other gardens.

    Mr Phan Van Ha - Deputy Agricultural Extension Station chiefs said Bu Gia Map commune, by the situation, the district Extension Station has recommended regular bcon things planted gardens to visit promptly notify extension officers to support investment advice and buy for effective cure. Currently, people need to use cure bugs, special treatment hoppers, aphids sucking and anthracnose medications. In addition, Mr. Ha said, when spraying, farmers should spray twice attention from disease when detected. Timing spaced 7 to 10 days to conduct a second injection. Spray early in the morning time before 8 am, while in the afternoon there after 4pm.