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  • Cameroon forecasts 150,000 new jobs in cashew sub-sector over 2019-23

    Oct 22nd, 2018

    The promotion and development of cashew could help create 150,000 jobs in the three northern regions and in the East of Cameroon; areas that best meet the crop’s weather requirements.

    Yet, the creation of these jobs is conditioned by the establishment of 150,000 ha of cashew plantations over the focus period, the document on the national strategy for the crop’s value chain development indicates. For the record, this document was set with technical support from German cooperation body GIZ.

    The target is all the more achievable in Cameroon, as the Agricultural Research Institute for Development (Irad) is currently deploying a program with the aim of producing 10 million cashew tree plants by 2021, equivalent to about 100,000 hectares of plantations.

    Let’s note that the cashew sub-sector offers still unexploited opportunities across the country, it is officially reported.