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  • Cambodia established a committee

    Mar 25th, 2019

    This group is tasked with conducting research on cashew production and aims to increase the total production by 10 times. The head of the group is Mr. Hean Vanhan, General Manager of the General Department of Agriculture, according to The Khmer Times . The group is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the drafting of plans and programs for an annual output of 1 million tons by 2029.

    Mr. Oum Uon, Chairman of the Sambo Prei Kuk Cashew Association in Kampong Thom province, said farmers will benefit significantly from this newly formed group. "That's a good move. I hope through the group's activities, farmers will receive more technical-related support to achieve higher production prices." According to Mr. Uon, most farmers have limited knowledge about planting and harvesting techniques, so it is difficult to improve productivity.

    "With support from the government, people can increase production and learn new techniques and knowledge," said Chhiv Seangny, a cashew farmer in Kampong Thom district or Santuk. According to him, the lack of processing facilities is one of the biggest problems hindering the Cambodian cashew industry. "We depend a lot on intermediaries because there are no factories. They make up a large part of the profits in the value chain," said Mr Seangny.

    The lack of facilities makes most Cambodian manufacturers export cashew to Vietnam. Mr. Uon added that raw cashew nuts are now sold for about $ 1.25 / kg. A recent report by the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture indicates 170,000 hectares of land is used for cashew growing nationwide. Output in 2018 increased 30% to 136,094 tons. However, about 70% of output is exported in raw form, 20% has been processed and exported while the remaining 10% is consumed in the domestic market. The report also said that Vietnam continues to be the largest market of Cambodian cashew nuts. The Ministry of Agriculture and Vietnam Cashew Association signed an agreement last year, under which Vietnam agreed to cooperate to promote cashew production in Cambodia and output reached 1 million tons per year.