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  • California on track for very nice pistachio crop

    Jun 20th, 2016

    “All weather indicators have been very positive this season and we are expecting a very nice pistachio crop,” says Adam Cooper, vice president of marketing, Wonderful Pistachios. This year’s crop is expected to be bigger than last year’s, but Cooper feels it is too early to comment on size.California’s pistachios are traditionally harvested from the end of August into September, but are available year-round as they can be stored up to one year. Last year’s small size crop had an impact on pricing and consumption, but in general, consumption has been stable in recent years with 25 percent of US households buying pistachios. Wonderful Pistachios are available in-shell as well as no-shell. “The no-shell category has been doing very well,” said Cooper. “They are the pistachio of choice for consumers who are looking for convenience and use them in recipes. From a snacking perspective, consumers prefer in-shell pistachios as opening the shell is part of the eating experience.” In the US and Canada, pistachios are sold under the Wonderful brand, but pistachios for the export business are unbranded. “We ship a little more than 50% to export markets, mainly Europe and China,” mentioned Cooper.The most recent additions to the pistachio category are a Lightly Salted as well as a no-salt alternative. In addition, the Wonderful Company offers Salt & Pepper and Sweet Chili flavors.