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  • CAG Capacitates Stakeholders on Data Collection

    Sep 5th, 2016

    The training, held at Kunta Kinteh Roots Camp in Juffureh in the Upper Nuimi District of the North Bank Region, was funded by Africa Cashew Alliance and the International Relief and Development. The Cashew Alliance of The Gambia comprises of farmers, processors, traders, government representatives and exporters in The Gambia. Its objectives include to educate the private sector on the social, economic and environmental significance of cashew.The Executive Secretary of the Alliance, Alpha O Jallow, elaborated on the objective of CAG saying it is meant to collect, analyse, and disseminate information pertinent to the development of the cashew sector.

    “The training aims to sensitise stakeholders in the cashew alliance on how to improve access to market information and collect accurate data in NBR, LRR and WCR”. Jallow underscored the importance the Alliance attaches to strengthening the capacities of local facilitators on data collection techniques so as to enhance cashew production. Building the capacity of stakeholders on methods and strategy of data collection, he indicated would contribute greatly in generating information and contribute to making informed policies geared towards cashew production in the country.

    He lauded USAID West Africa Trade and Investment hub for supporting capacity building on market information system. The data collection exercise he informed the gathering will be extended to other regions such as; NBR, LRR and WCR, saying the data generated from these exercises will be used to support CAG, development partners in strenghtening partnership with the Government, legislation and policies favorable to the advancement of cashew sector in The Gambia.

    He went on: “CAG would continue to engage and educate the private sector on the needs to support the production and processing of capacity to boost social, economic and environmental significance of cashew”. He urged members of the Cashew Alliance to ensure that there is easy access to markets for their product noting that cashew is a viable business that brings sustainable economic advancement for actors and producers.

    According to him, this effort was spearheaded by MOTIE thanks to the generous contribution of the Enhanced Integrated Framework and with the technical support from the International Trade Centre in Switzerland. Jallow acknowledged that there is need for establishing a representative public and private body to coordinate, monitor and manage the implementation of the cashew sector strategy.