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  • CA on track for record-breaking almond harvest

    Aug 31st, 2016

    California is on track for a record-breaking almond harvest, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They said this year's almond crop is set to produce more than two billion pounds of almonds this season. About half of the state's almonds are produced in the Sacramento Valley. Vereschagin Farms, in Orland, said it is a good year for them. But it is not as good for the North State farmers as it is for the rest of the state.

    Vereschagin oversees more than 900 acres of almond orchards at Vereschagin Farms. They have been growing varieties of the nut for four generations."This year up in the North State, most people are running about 10 to 15 percent off of last year," Vereschagin explained. "Last year we had a big crop and the trees this spring had a strong bloom but not as strong as we'd like to see." Overall, the state may be breaking records for the almond harvest but Vereschagin said that is not exactly the case for the North State.

    "California has a bumper crop but in the North State we are going the opposite of the statewide...what they're estimating for this year," Vereschagin said. "They're estimating about two billion pounds be produced in the state and last year I believe 1.86 billion pounds.The big boom in production is really in the San Joaquin Valley where half the state's almonds are produced. Production has either stayed flat or dropped in our area.

    "We had great cross-pollination and the different varieties were overlapping great but just the bloom was a little bit light and it was a quick bloom," Vereschagin explained. "So the bees didn't have as many days to do the pollination work they normally do even though the weather was good.

    Vereschagin said they started almond harvesting at the end of July and will go through the end of September. Harvest is usually about a two-month process for them.