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  • Bumper cashew crop in village near Jamshedpur

    May 4th, 2020

    obradih village in Manpur Panchayat under Potka Block is famed for its cashew farming. But, over the seasons, Gobradih farmers have been lamenting that they have faced great inconvenience in marketing the farm yields. Village Pradhan Sonaram Sardar has harvested five quintals of cashew from his six acre plot. The villagers are excited over this bumper harvest. But the spanner in the wheel is the marketing problem.

    Sonaram Sardar, Raju Sardar and Doman Singh Sardar said, “Cashew farming is being done in Gobradih village since 12 years but in the absence of customers, the harvest is sold at a price that make even peanuts seem costly. As a result, those who do cashew farming have been facing acute economic crisis.”

    The villagers lamented that in spite of extensive cashew farming in Gobradih, neither the government nor the Block officers had ever taken interest in boosting marketing and productivity of this produce. They said that due to government apathy, crore of rupees of cashew crops either rot in the fields or are poached by neighboring villagers. They suggested that the government should introduce portals for e-marketing of cashew harvested in the village or create a platform for the purpose so that the Gobradih cashew brings in good price for the development of farming in the village. If the government arranges for irrigation water, farmers of the village could also engage in alternate farming of vegetables after reaping the cashew crops.