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  • Build, protect and develop brands that Binh Phuoc

    Mar 31st, 2016

    LTS: Recently, Binh Phuoc newspapers are more articles related to branding issues that Binh Phuoc. Most recently, from 21 to 23-3, in the series' previous industry Binh Phuoc thing opportunities and new challenges, "the author Sapphire mention the shortcomings of the industry today, such as: How Binh Phuoc to increasingly more care area that is technically correct, in the direction of clean production, with a logo label is recognized internationally? How to maintain the position of the industry in Binh Phuoc on the domestic market and internationally?

    In this issue, Binh Phuoc newspapers published articles by the author Nguyen Minh Quang, Deputy Director of Department of Science and Technology in Binh Phuoc province on issues related to the brand that Binh Phuoc.

    In view of the advisory bodies of state management of the protection of intellectual property, trademarks, geographical indications, industrial designs, I would like to discuss some of the content related to the brand that Binh blessed are as follows:


    Currently, the brand is the term widely used in Vietnam. However, in legal documents of Vietnam without brand terms that only the relevant terminology such as trademarks, trade names, appellations of origin, geographical indications, style industrial design ... Thus, it is possible to understand the relative brand is a term first used extensively in marketing; the image of a production base - the business (enterprise - DN) or image of a kind or a group of goods and services; is a collection of signs to distinguish the goods and services of this company for goods and services of other companies.

    Comes to brand not only to recognize and consider the legal perspective of this term, but more importantly, in the context of international economic integration of Vietnam profound need to recognize it under the enterprise management perspective and marketing. Thus the brand is a term with wide connotation. However, if only the image with the name, the logo is not enough. Behind it should be the quality of goods and services, the behavior of businesses with customers, the community, the effective and real utility to consumers of goods and services that it offers .. . is brand new which dive into the consumer's mind. The law protects only the distinctive signs (the brand elements) if the registered (such as trademarks, trade names, appellations of origin, geographical indications, industrial designs ...) not protected images on products, goods and businesses.


    Although today's growing area of ​​Binh Phuoc is the largest in the country (134 092 ha), production reached 190 thousand tons, more than 449 establishments (including 280 companies) processing, processing of cashew nuts. But according to a preliminary survey of expert groups supporting the construction projects of geographical indications that Binh Phuoc, the "cashew output Binh Phuoc and reputation but are mainly of crude (raw materials). Still no reputation, quality or characteristic associated with the individual (finished) ".

    Thus the brand meaning Binh Phuoc is a group that finished goods are yet to formulate and shape the brand to the market. Also, Binh Phuoc also facing mixed situation with imported mechanisms for management, product traceability is not strictly managed. The main reason may be considered as follows:

    The young of cashew processing industry in particular and the processing industry of the country in general should be the level of technology and inadequate management, lack of uniformity. 280 processing enterprises in that only a few meet the international standards on food safety, traceability, processing is still largely to export primary processing through easygoing markets such as China (accounting for 32.57%). Investment, technological innovation of enterprises led to massive excess capacity for the processing of domestic raw materials, so must import raw materials from countries such as Africa, India ... making quality lack of uniformity of finished products.

    No common language between businesses and enterprises and between businesses and farmers and traders; between businesses and distributors (retailers). Because immediate profit target, the object in the value chain is still operated separately, yet closely interrelated with each other, forming a unified supply chain. This situation leads to break the planning, planting chorus - tight farmers, businesses and storms forced the price of the export price (for not standard, design, food hygiene and safety ...) .

    The company does not care about branding all the (registration of trademark protection, industrial design protection ... on the domestic market and international).

    The role of associations, cooperatives, state authorities are faint, not really a bridge, "midwife" for businesses, farmers in developing material zones, the consumer market as well as adhere to the strict rules of international trade.


    To address the shortcomings mentioned above, this sector Binh Phuoc to sustainable development and integration, the branding, protection and development of Binh Phuoc brand that is one of the strategic tasks of the urgent need to stakeholders are respected and implemented immediately. To do that requires solution, planning coordination between the relevant authorities and should have sanctions to ensure implementation. With the attention of the provincial Party Committee, People's Committee and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the project "Construction and development of geographical indications Binh Phuoc thing" is the French Development Agency (AFD) funded, implemented in 3 in 2016-2018, provide adequate scientific basis and policy recommendations to stakeholders undertaken to put things Binh Phuoc brand a foothold in the world market. Through this, I briefly introduced the objectives of the project to interested readers Read more:

    First: Supporting the formation of an inter-ministerial mechanism on the management of geographical indications, create a nationally consistent process of titling, provincial management, internal control system and outside, the main support of manufacturers, distributors, business ...

    Second: Support Manufacturers Association building activities used, the development of production with collective action based management tool geographical indications and trademarks. Building scientific basis to confirm the possibility of protection of geographical indications for products of Binh Phuoc cashews. Recommended reasonable protection plan under the terms of the Binh Phuoc cashews. Develop reporting methodologies proposed register for geographical indications Vietnam. Construction profile scientific basis under the new approach. Binh Phuoc geographical indications for cashew products are protected by the State. Building organizational model proposed control of geographical indications. Support model developed on control of geographical indications. Establishing evaluation board organoleptic quality for products bearing geographical indications. Support operational control models while supporting projects. Build a new methodology in the organization and management of geographical indications Binh Phuoc cashews. Research, evaluate and develop a plan to improve the organization and development of the association. Organizational capacity to implement and apply the collective action to improve value chain integration, market development for the Association of Binh Phuoc thing. Support and strengthen the capacity of value chain integration, market development for the Association of Binh Phuoc thing ...

    Third: Support organizations and representatives of organizations are implementing the development of geographical indications in Vietnam by the promotional activities, promote commercial products in the domestic market and internationally. Identify potential opportunities and requirements for cashew products of some international markets products imported from Vietnam. Research overview of the market, value chain, opportunities and challenges of the market of Vietnam's cashew nuts. Develop communication programs, promoting the introduction and raising awareness of consumer, commercial system of geographical indications ...

    Wednesday: Capacity of collective organization, local management staff on geographical indications. At the same time promote and introduce the results of the project to the local Vietnam's geographical indications. Construction of the lessons learned about the organization and management model of geographical indications of other countries. Research, identify lessons learned about organizational management model of geographical indications in Vietnam. Recommended management model appropriate geographical indications for geographical indications in Vietnam ...

    Hope project through geographical indications that Binh Phuoc, stakeholders, particularly businesses, associations and cooperatives that have the conditions to reach the scientific basis of international regulations and in building brand building and development, thereby helping this sector Binh Phuoc sustainable development, international economic integration success.

    Source: Binh Phuoc OL